Advantages Of Giving Probiotics To Your Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy is a gift that every married couple out there is fortunate to experience. Why it means that you created a precious little being that you’ll be able to love more than anyone in the world! Not to mention, your baby has as much of a chance as anyone to become a famed doctor, a music mogul, or even the President of the United States in their later years.




As easy as it is to muse about your unborn child’s future, though, you cannot forget your duty to look after your wife’s well-being. You helped to create your offspring, no doubt, but she will carry the baby for nine months, not you. Hence, it will be sweet of you to ensure that your better half takes all the supplements necessary to strengthen both her body and the baby.

Nonetheless, from those complementary drugs that your spouse should have in the medicine cabinet, probiotics may be among the essential products.


Live Active Culture Can Improve Digestive Health

Probiotics are generally known for doing great things to a person’s digestive tract. More than anyone, a pregnant woman needs that kind of help because of the increase of progesterone in her system can mess up with her gastrointestinal health. Thus, she may experience constipation, infected diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, et cetera.




What the supplement will do is carry live active culture down to the user’s gut. From there, they can propagate and get rid of harmful organisms that might have inhabited it.


Good Bacteria May Lower Risks Of Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a severe health condition that puts both the mother and the unborn child’s lives in danger. It usually occurs when blood does not circulate well through the uterus, the woman has excessive weight, or hypertension is a preexisting illness. Once it strikes, the expectant mom may feel a terrible headache, abdominal pain, nausea, and alarmingly fast weight gain.

The thing is, there are investigations which state that milk-based probiotics can reduce a pregnant lady’s chances of getting preeclampsia. Doing so on a weekly or everyday basis may lower the risk by 25% or 39%, respectively. Those numbers are far from being negligible; that’s why giving good bacteria to your wife may be worth a shot.




Probiotics Make Breastmilk Healthier

Continuous consumption of live active culture even during the final days of pregnancy allows the probiotics to mix with the mother’s breastmilk. That is something you ought to be grateful for since the child will be able to consume the benefits of good bacteria without taking supplements.

In fact, a study regarding the matter reveals that probiotics may protect a baby from eczema or atopic dermatitis. It is asignificant advancement because seeing your infant child deal with the itchiness that the disease brings is purely heartbreaking. With this possibility, though, you may try to help your son or daughter deflect the problem.


One more thing to take note of is that probiotics do not merely come in pills. If your wife cannot stomach that during the first trimester, you may give her yogurt, kefir, or any fermented vegetable she may like. Then, you may switch to capsules once the morning sickness goes away so that the mommy-to-be gets a better dose of good bacteria before your offspring arrives.