Are Supplements A Waste Of Money?



A lot of health experts often recommend their patients to take supplements. Maybe that is because these professionals believe in the health benefits that most of these products give. At the very least, people have peace of mind concerning their health every time they consider taking one. However, after years of not looking into its adverse side, research finds it intriguing that somehow made most medical experts doubtful with these products. In line with that, individual opinions begin to change drastically about these products. But what are the truths that linger behind these pills?

What People Find Out

Yes, most supplements technically contain a lot of micronutrients. That when combined, it becomes a significant source of potential health booster. But considering its content, some say that it is not as beneficial as what others think it is. Perhaps that is because it does not show any signs of overall benefits in the mind and body. But regardless of that instance, more people still vaguely believe that taking supplements a day improves and develops health; however, it may be. But when it comes to the scientific and evidential part, it seems like supplements are not genuinely doing anything to human health after all.


The Expectations

Understanding how supplements work is by knowing it fully. Since one of the indicators of health is mortality or the ability to live life longer, people expect supplements to do its part for the better. But the sad truth about this is people finding out that regardless of individuals taking supplements a day or not, both takers and non-takers still share the same mortality risk. Meaning, it implies that taking supplements or multivitamins on a daily dose creates zero impact at health and immune system. Of course, health is not only about people living longer. It is also about being resistant to certain diseases such as cancer, heart problems, and brain damage. And again, supplements draw a blank space of this aspect.

What Research Shows

Most studies and research show that there is not enough proof to support the beneficial impacts of supplements. Thus, it does not prevent certain types of cancer, chronic illnesses, and cardiovascular diseases as well. And in line with continues growth of malnourishment, supplements show no significant sign of potential improving-factor too. Therefore, as far as people wished to improve their overall health, supplements do not genuinely do much of a change. In most circumstances, research and studies also suggest that supplements do not cater to prevent tract infections and do not improve cognitive function as well.



Regardless of the research that says supplements do nothing to improve health. One thing is certain. Supplements become effective when faced with deficiencies. Meaning, those people who currently have health deficiencies might benefit from taking multivitamins compared to those individuals that do not have any medical conditions. So granted there are a lack of vitamins in the body, it will be safe to say that considering taking supplements creates no harm.

Do Supplements Work?

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To receive the right amount of nutrients in the body, you need to eat all the right amount of nutritional food with the recommended daily value. However, not all individuals can process the idea of eating only fruits and vegetables a day. So instead of putting up hard work in maintaining a healthy diet, some people take what they thought is the best alternative. That is swallowing or chewing a block of a sugar-shaped pill. However, with specific circumstances, are supplemental vitamins genuinely helpful? Does it entirely support a better overall brain and body function? Perhaps you are one of the individuals who get taught that growing up; you need to take your vitamins. That is because your parents explained to you that it is an essential part of your healthy and balanced life. Well, let’s try to understand everything flows before we end up in an assumption.

Real Talk

Unfortunately, the entire body cannot produce vitamins themselves. That is the reason why there is a need for foods that contain enough essential minerals to support a diet. But since a lot of people are too busy finding time to gather fresh vegetables and fruits, they devour supplements. Of course, who wouldn’t? It says to contain all the right nutrients and minerals in one pill. It is more convenient and pretty much affordable at the same time.


However, some studies present an adverse effect of taking multivitamins. There are a lot of medical experts who believe that people do not often gain the exact benefits from those supplements. These experts conclude that unless the body absorbs it along with other found compounds in their natural form, it will not create a drastic effect. The truth is, supplement research is entirely challenging to measure. Since people consume a variety of food every day, there is no way to know if some of those foods help or hinder supplement absorption. Honestly, the more people look into it, the more they scrutinize its purpose. Some believe that supplements have no substantial health benefits. In any circumstances where supplements c create an impact; the benefits are often too small to show much of a difference in the overall development of people’s mind and body.


The Sad Truth

Some supplements promise to give the right amount of minerals to human development. However, some do not. Some companies are misleading people to take pills daily not because they are a concern with the health, but rather focus on the income generated from the products. And sometimes, even if people feel the supplements are not working, they still consume a lot because society trusts those fraudulent ones.

Other people believe that taking the pill only convinces people to look out for their bodies without consuming the right healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Honestly, since people’s nutrition is on the stand, it would be safe to consider at least eating healthy and have a balanced lifestyle as well.

Therapists’ Psychological Intervention To Weight Loss Journey

Exercise and diet are the two effective weight loss methods that guarantee the best results. The two processes, when working together, create a significant amount of benefits in the overall development of an individual. That is to make him fit and healthy. But in recent studies, an added strategy proves to make the weight-loss process an even more productive. We are talking about a therapist’s psychological intervention that aims to handle anything psychosomatic along the weight loss journey.


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Intermittent Fasting: A Key To Effective Weight Loss?

Intermittent fasting is a type of diet that involves a restricted window of eating pattern. It supports the control of energy intake for some time but gets followed by an average meal intake after reoccurrence. There are multiple methods of intermittent fasting. These include every other day fast, a one whole day fasting, or a daily 16: 8-time ratio diet. You might be wondering how that makes you lose weight. Or perhaps you are curious how it does affect mental function. In this article, we will explain why most doctors, psychologists, health nutritionists, and other experts find this type of diet useful. Let’s take a look at the scientific explanation of the mechanism of intermittent fasting.


The Work Of The Digestive Process

After you eat a meal, the digestive system will naturally break down the components of food. These include fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. In the breaking down process, it prioritizes carbohydrates first before any other sources of nutrients. In usual scenarios, the body burns carbs and turn it into smaller sugar molecules which get used for energy consumption. Those remains and excess energy that is not required immediately gets stored into fat.

How Intermittent Fasting Work

Due to the more extended period of intermittent fasting, the body can no longer rely on carbohydrates as a source of energy. With that, the body will start to use the stored ones from fat. With this mechanism, the body begins to burn fat. Therefore, when there’s a reduction in fat percentage in the body, it will make you lose weight. That’s because the particular diet causes white adipose tissues to turn brown until it shrinks. It supports a reshaping of the gut’s group of microbes. The process also affects the metabolic functions of the body, as well as increasing insulin sensitivity. Another significant impact of IF is the increasing of the body’s automatic cleaning system where it removes damaged components that harm the healthy cells. With the particular process of cell rejuvenation, it becomes easy to experience IF’s anti-aging effects.


The Benefits

The benefits of intermittent fasting are not only limited to weight loss. There are scientifically proven health advantages in emotional and mental state as well. As it positively changes specific functions in your body, the whole system adapts to it including the brain. With that brain development advantage, IF delays the onset of age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Along with that, intermittent fasting is said to boost immunity, regulate blood pressure, and lower down cholesterol levels in the body which helps fight certain heart diseases and cancer.


Yes, the weight loss results of intermittent fasting may be promising, but it is essential to keep in mind to consult an expert or a nutritionist before undergoing some changes in your diet. Because whatever diet strategy you may plan on doing, all of it is about a matter of personal preference that best works in your favor. Make sure that you are not obsessing on any diet programs or you don’t worry too much about your next meal. Also, you need to have a mindset of understanding how and where the process should lead you. Better ask yourself how much you are willing to sacrifice to gain the healthy body you desire. Honestly, it’s all about discipline. You can either stick to your regular diet with unhealthy food on your table or try and create a healthy lifestyle that involves less consumption of unnecessary foods.


You might think that intermittent fasting is a strict diet that locks you inside a boxed lifestyle. But actually, it is the opposite. It allows you to gain freedom of focusing on the essential food necessary inside the fasting window itself. There are no specifications as to where you should and shouldn’t use the tool. You can turn it on and off depending on how you want to change your lifestyle. Again, it all comes down to your personal preference.

There are still more required research and study to assess the long-term health effects of intermittent diet. But since science already backed up the details of its advantage, you might want to consider it. However, before engaging in the process of intermittent fasting, it is vital to note that every individual shares a different flow of results.

Should Therapy Be Part Of Your Fitness Journey?

There are many things to consider when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. You cannot just sit or relax in the corner and wait for things to appear right in front f you magically. The reality is that you have to work hard for the things that you want to achieve, which is to be fit and healthy. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that being healthy is not only about having a perfect weight or maintaining a balanced diet. At the same time, it is also essential to focus on one’s mental health, which is why there may be a need for you to try therapy as part of your fitness journey.




For today’s article, our focus would be about the importance of therapy for any person, especially for one who wishes to have the ideal weight. Below are the top reasons why you need to get in touch with a therapist or counselor:

To Motivate You Even More

What is your primary motivation for living a healthy lifestyle? Do you want to do it for yourself? Does someone, who is fit and healthy, inspire you? Are you doing it to overcome stress or anxiety? Whatever your reason is, it is best if you will go to a therapist so that you can get more motivation to keep going. The said professional could help remind you why you started working out in the first place. She can do this by making you realize what you want. Note that “Therapy can be a place where a person can feel fully accepted for who they are, with all their unique abilities, quirks, gifts and talents and where their challenges can be understood in a compassionate way.” Karla Helbert, LPC, E-RYT, C-IAYT says.

To Make You Happier

Did you know that physical activities, such as running, dancing and other exercises, are not only good for your overall physical health but also for improving your mental condition? When you exercise, the body releases happy hormones called dopamine. This substance is known to be responsible for making you feel good about yourself and everything around you. As a result, you will become a better version of yourself. Talking to a therapist can help you have a better understanding of this fact as he is the only professional who can explain how certain movements can affect the way you think and feel. Dr. Aaron Kaplan, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist once said, “Why talk about your problems including mental health challenges? Just talking about your situation to someone can reduce your stress and help you feel better.”




To Find Your Purpose

There are various reasons why certain people choose to stay on a diet or become physically active. If you are still struggling on finding your reason to follow a fitness journey, then maybe it is best to consider talking to a therapist. This professional does not have the answers to all your questions. What he will do is to allow you to open up about your thoughts and emotions. You will be surprised by how mere opening up about these things can already help you find the reasons why it is vital to be fit and fab. Through the conversations with your therapist, you can uncover some truths about yourself. It is such a relief to accomplish all these just by talking to a mental health expert.

To Keep Going Despite Challenges

The objective to lose weight is not an easy thing to accomplish. You will be presented with tons of challenges and struggles. It can even be more difficult once you realize that there are people around you who would love to see you fail. What you have to do is to make sure that you are going to prove them wrong. Show to everyone that you have what it takes to succeed in this journey. It can be complicated to make this happen, which is why it is suggested to talk about this with your therapist. He is the best person to show you how long you’ve come since you started your journey.




To Overcome Your Disorder

One of the things that can happen to you is to suffer from eating disorders. This can happen if you start to starve yourself to death. Some people think that not eating at all is the secret to their fitness problems. Make sure that you do not feel this way because it can be dangerous for your health. Take note that many people suffer from bulimia and anorexia. If you think that you have the signs and symptoms, do not hesitate to seek professional help as soon as possible. Do not fret because there are several known ways on how you can overcome these disorders. In Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psy.D. blog, she says, “If you are struggling with low self-esteem, it is encouraged that you seek some type of help and support to work through this issue, and to help you be the best version of yourself that you can be.”

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Weight Loss And Therapy 101

Many people have dedicated their time and efforts into losing weight. These are the individuals who are careful about what they eat as well as what they do with their bodies. As such, you can see most of them living a vegan lifestyle or going to the gym regularly. Weight loss is a great objective for any person, especially when everyone is supposed to fit and healthy. However, too much obsession with this thing can lead to mental health problems that may require the assistance or support of professionals who are skilled in the field of therapy and counseling.




As early as now, we want to emphasize the fact that people go on a diet for several reasons. There are those who do it so that they can feel good about their body because they have been bullied for a long time or simply due to their low self-esteem. It proves what counselor Monte Drenner use to say, “People who have difficulty saying no are often people pleasers and are trying to make too many people happy,” says Drenner. “Over time they become over-extended and exhausted and their self-esteem is eroded, because no matter how hard they try to please others, they can never do enough.”

On the other hand, some people also do it for the sole purpose of finding their true love. Whatever your reason is, it is crucial for you to understand the reality that there are proper ways on how you can take shed of some fats without the need to starve yourself. Remember that obsession with such goal may give rise to eating disorders, which will eventually affect both your physical and mental health.

In this article, we are going to focus on the different ways on how people can lose weight as well as the role that therapy plays in this matter. Here are some of the things that you have to understand before you commit yourself into a weight loss journey:


Skipping Meals Is Never Healthy

As already mentioned above, not eating on time or skipping your meals may give rise to eating disorders. You may be surprised that a doctor will diagnose you for bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa. When this happens, it will be the start of your difficult days. No matter how much you try to control the disorder, it will be a struggle for you. The truth is it can even make your situation worse. Because of this, it is ideal always to choose to eat on time. What is important is to be mindful of your food intake and avoid those that lack sufficient nutrients or vitamins. Note that you have to “Eat a healthful diet, that is low in fat, high in fiber, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Specific dietary factors that may be beneficial in depression are the B-complex vitamins (found in whole grains) and omega-3 fatty acids (found in cold-water fish, fish oil, and flax seeds).” says ADAA member Stephanie Kriesberg, PsyD




Exercising Continuously Is The Key

If you want to have a long-lasting and happy life, it is highly recommended for you to be physically active. As much as possible, make an effort to wake up early in the morning so that you can have sufficient time to do your daily jogs or brisk walks. If morning is not a good time for you, then you can always do great exercises at the gym or watch home fitness videos that you can execute at home. Take note that it is crucial for you to identify if you have already overworked yourself so that you will not end up engaging in physical activities when you are too exhausted. Dr. Clare Safran-Norton, a physical therapist said that exercise has “The benefits carry over to balance, walking, standing, endurance, and stair climbing.”


You May Need A Professional

Some people lose weight without the assistance of professionals because they love doing things on their own. However, there are also some individuals who prefer to seek professional help to get what they want. If you belong to the other set or group, then do not fret because it is normal to wish for a piece of expert advice in your struggles. For losing weight, it is best if you have a personal trainer who can focus on your fitness journey. Eventually, this individual can help you become a better trainer than others. If you are having some mental health issues, you may also consider seeking therapy from experts.




 Therapy Can Be The Answer

Do you feel sad or embarrassed because you have not lost weight despite your efforts? Does it bother you to know that other people have already gone thin even if they only started their diet late? Remember that all these thoughts and emotions can only increase the stress that you feel, which is why it is sometimes necessary to find a therapist whom you can open up to anything. This professional can also allow you to process and understand yourself even more.

Weight loss is a journey that you have to take slowly. Do not rush the entire process so that you can enjoy every step of the way.


5 Multivitamins To Boost Your Kids’ Physical And Mental Health


Given the fact that new diseases are getting discovered every day, and they may affect the physical and mental health of a child, it is not surprising for parents to worry about them. Some people’s emotions even go overboard sometimes, to the extent that they seek sychological assistance from online platforms such as BetterHelp. But if you genuinely want to boost your kids’ safety, you should give them multivitamins now more than ever. Such supplements are known for providing the vitamins and minerals that they may not be able to get from their diet, after all. Having a daily dose of multivitamin, therefore, can help improve the children’s immune system immensely.

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Tips To Stick With Your Diet

There are several ways on how one can become healthy and fit all at the same time. One of the most popular or common methods is through following a particular diet. If you are an avid fitness guru, then you are probably aware at this point that there are several kinds of dieting technique around the world. Each diet has a specific set of rules that everyone must follow to ensure that the promised benefits of the said diet can manifest. Unfortunately, sticking these rules can be challenging, especially if you have an eating disorder wherein you may need an online therapist.


Before anything else, it is vital for you to understand the reality that diets do not work for everyone. Just because it does not work for you does not mean that you can try other methods. The smart thing to do is to find out what works best for you before you stick with it. Take note that following a wrong diet plan can provide adverse effects on your part instead of positive ones. Check this list below for some tips:

Keep Yourself Motivated

What is the reason why you want to stay fit and healthy? Finding out the answer to this question can be the secret to sticking with your chosen diet method. As long as you know why you are doing what needs to be done to achieve a healthier self, it would be easier on your part to be excellent in fitness. Take note that every choice you make today can affect your future in so many ways.


Avoid Shortcuts

Always remind yourself that there is no easy way when it comes to following a healthy lifestyle. Most diets fail because people want drastic results. They want to see the outcome of their efforts immediately. Avoid being one of these individuals so that you will not get disappointed. Instead, never stop thinking that success only comes to those who never get tired in doing the proper ways to follow a diet. You can never take shortcuts.

Plan Ahead Of Time

If possible, come up with a schedule that will work best for you that enables you to eat healthily and engage in physical activities. Before you start the week, it is best if you already have a meal plan to follow for the next seven days. For example, think of the kinds of food that you will consume for the consecutive days of dieting. Planning ahead of time about what to take for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can help a lot in controlling your cravings. At the same time, including gym plans in your day-to-day activity can also offer several advantages on your part. It would be easier on your part to consider it even on a busy day.


Pack Your Food

Choosing the right meals that will not violate the rules of your diet can be tricky. As such, it is highly recommended to find a way to prepare your food. Avoid dining out in restaurants and fast food chains so that you can get a high guarantee that everything you are eating is within your diet restrictions. Remember that these food establishments usually use unhealthy ingredients to make their dishes taste delicious. On the other hand, if you are going to pack your meals, you can decide which ingredients to include and which ones to avoid.

Eat Correctly

At this point, it is vital to emphasize the fact that a successful diet does not involve starving yourself. You may not believe this, but the truth is that you have to feel full at all times. The best way to do this is never to skip meals so that you can avoid hungry moments. Remember that whenever you are hungry, there is a high possibility that your food cravings will increase. If this happens, you can easily give in to temptations of wanting to eat yummy meals or desserts.

Take note that determination and commitment are the two elements that you must never forget as you start to live a healthy lifestyle. Have the willpower to overcome all the self-doubts and self-limiting thoughts. Remember that you get to decide what to do every single day.

Yoga Poses To Suggest To Family Members Who Worry About Hair And Skin


Do you have a family member who has been asking you non-stop to practice yoga with them, but you keep on bailing out because you do not think you are flexible enough to participate?

All of us have to start somewhere. Not every practitioner of the art could bend their body parts in various ways the first time they entered the room. Despite the difficulties that one may face while doing the poses, many choose to stick to this ancient exercise. Aside from allowing you to get rid of stress and find your inner balance, after all, yoga is also supposed to help your skin glow and your hair grow. As John M. Grohol, Psy.D. explains, “Many practitioners and teachers of yoga claim it offers benefits for one’s mental health. It seems like an obvious conclusion, given that most yoga focuses on exploring one’s inner world of consciousness.”

Hair and skin. Those are the two things that we tend to spend on so much, right? If you keep the ideas that we are about to divulge to you, though, it will not be hard to do your workout and beauty regimen at once.

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