Supplements That Brides Should Take During Marriage Preparations




Hearing the man of your dreams ask for your hand in front of all your loved ones is undoubtedly one of the best things a woman can ever experience. Many can go on countless dates for as long as they want, but not everyone is as fortunate as you when you are to meet a guy who wishes to exchange eternal vows with you. Hence, it is quite understandable in case you like to speed up the marriage preparations.

However, alas, once the engagement bliss fades away, you’ll soon realize that fixing a wedding event within three months or less can be physically and mentally grueling. Apart from dealing with coordinators and caterers who may stress you out at first, you might apportion more of your time and energy to the planning process. Rather than getting enough beauty rest, therefore, your hair may fall out, acne may break out, your nails may become brittle, et cetera.

The pressure that comes with the marriage preparations is almost inevitable, so you should counter its adverse effects on your body with supplements. The question is, what extras does a bride-to-be need before the ceremony takes place?




B Vitamins

It is vital to take vitamins B1 to B12 since the pre-wedding activities can drain your energy. Every compound within that spectrum can regulate anemia, fatigue, weak immune system, and other disorders that might develop when you’re preparing for the big day.


The construction of collagen within the body slows down as you age. Stress and unhealthy food choices, however, may speed it up. That is why instead of looking young during your wedding day, you might require heavy makeup to cover the dark circles and fine lines that developed on your face.

You can remedy the problem by adding collagen powder in almost everything. Add it in your coffee, oatmeal, or yogurt, for instance, and it will not alter the taste of those products.


Fish oil is another essential supplement that your body requires yet cannot produce naturally. You need omega-3 more than omega-6 fatty acids because the latter is not as good for the heart as the former. Besides, some studies even say that the first-mentioned can help you combat anxiety, lack of sleep, dry or flaky skin, and acne, which are a few of the conditions that bother anyone preparing for marriage.


What happens when you experience sleep deprivation? Not only will it throw your hormones out of the loop, but it can also increase your stress level and blemish count.

The supplement you need to get shut-eye regularly is magnesium. This mineral is present in leafy vegetables, of course, so you may argue that you have to eat those. However, it’s difficult to measure how much magnesium your food has; hence, it may be better to complement your diet with pills.


In case you don’t have a fantastic metabolism, you can take probiotic supplements. These products contain thousands of live active bacteria that can overpower the harmful microorganisms that most likely inhabit your gut. For that reason, you will have a higher chance of getting rid of acne, blemishes, mood swings, and dullness, among others.




Although the supplements mentioned above are readily available in online and offline health stores, you still have to exercise and eat healthily. The compounds can only do so much for your body; if you don’t help them, they won’t be able to help you thoroughly.

Nonetheless, best wishes to you!