Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Remedies For Depression

I had always been called an unusual little lady by the people around me. It would have sounded offending for many individuals, but I saw it as a compliment. After, I loved standing out and breaking the mold.

The thing was, I did not manage to do the supernatural thing of keeping depression at bay.


You see, I was in a 10-year relationship with my boyfriend, Michael, before he became my fiance. I thought that he was the one – the man with whom I could grow old and get wrinkly without worrying whether I looked pretty or not. He had all the traits that I wanted in a man, too. I mean, Michael was respectful to elders, he never showed any tendency to get angry on the road, and he had been ironing his towels and other linens for most of his life.  Again, I knew that was a pretty quirky set of standards, but it worked for me. It allowed me to filter through my selection.

Michael and I had only been engaged for two months, though, when I saw my friend post a picture of her in Michael’s car. I recognized the interior and called her at once. I was not angry; I was merely curious about why she was there. However, my friend denied that she was with Michael. And when I asked him, he also denied it.

That’s when I felt that something was off. I checked the photo again and saw a diagonal scratch across the headrest of the passenger seat. I made that scratch by accident one time with my house keys. I was putting groceries at the back of the car, and I forgot that I still had the keys in my hand. Hence, when I dragged my hand across the headrest, the leather naturally got scratched.

Despite that confirmation, the two cheaters continued to deny that they saw each other behind my back. I could not bear to hear their lies anymore, so I retreated to my condo and told the management that Michael was no longer welcome there. When his mother invited me for lunch to talk about the wedding, I respectfully said no and informed her that the wedding was off due to her lying son.

Even before I met a psychologist, I knew that I was falling deeper into depression every day. I let it happen for a while because I needed to grieve over my broken relationship. It was ten long years of my life that disappeared, after all. I did not even want to entertain the question about the duration of his affair with my friend because it would make my head hurt further.


After a month, I went out to see a psychologist and figure out the best natural antidepressants for me.

What is the best natural antidepressant?

Here are some herbs that may help lift your spirits when you have mild to moderate depression.

    • Omega-3 fatty acids
    • John’s Wort
    • Saffron
    • Zinc
    • Folate
    • SAM-e

What vitamins help with depression?

Vitamin B, omega-3, and vitamin D are popular vitamins that are known to help reduce depression.

How can I improve my mood naturally?

To help boost your mood naturally, try these foods:

    • Whole grains
    • Foods loaded with omega-3 fatty acids
    • Green leafy vegetables
    • Probiotics
    • Coffee in moderation
    • Foods high in vitamin D

What fruits and vegetables are good for depression?

Experts tapered down the ten most favorite fruits and vegetables that they found to be linked to improved mental health and lesser depressive symptoms. These include spinach, cucumber, dark leafy vegetables, carrots, bananas, apples, fresh berries, kiwi, and grapefruit.

What is the happy hormone?

Dopamine is referred to as the happy hormone or the feel-good hormone. It is a vital part of the reward center of the brain. Dopamine is linked to pleasant sensations and motor, memory, and learning function, among others.

How can I train my brain to be happy?

Here are some basic ways to help your brain learn to be happy:

    • Think positive.
    • Practice gratefulness.
    • Spend some time of your day to write about an experience, a person, or a thing that made your day.
    • Celebrate your big as well as small successes.
    • Memorize some happy words that you can recite for self-talk.
    • Count your blessings.
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What triggers happy hormones?

To release your happy hormones, try to exercise regularly, as this is one of the best ways to boost the serotonin in your body. Get some sunshine daily for your dose of vitamin D. Try meditating. Finally, eating some chocolates is also a great way to trigger those happy hormones.

What foods release happy hormones?

Beans, almonds, yogurt, eggs, and meats with low-fat content have been associated with releasing serotonin hormones into the system. Yogurt, kimchi, and other foods that contain probiotics are also great foods that trigger happy hormone release.

How can I increase serotonin and dopamine naturally?

Below are ten things that can help increase levels of dopamine in your body naturally:

    • Load up on probiotics.
    • Get sufficient sleep every day.
    • Listen to your favorite tunes.
    • Practice meditation and other forms of relaxation.
    • Consume fewer amounts of saturated fat.
    • Eat a lot of protein.

Are bananas good for hormones?

Bananas are loaded in vitamin B9 or folate, thus can fight depression by releasing the happy hormone serotonin. Bananas also contain a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine, which regulates anxiety and stress levels.

What foods are bad for hormones?

Food that contains many hydrogenated and saturated fats, such as processed and red meat, must be avoided. These unhealthy fats increase estrogen production and can aggravate signs of hormonal imbalance.

What vitamins help with female hormones?

Vitamin B6 helps reduce some symptoms of PMS, like irritability and mood swings. Vitamin E, on the other hand, improves menopause indications. Finally, vitamin D plays a vital role in controlling the production of thyroid hormone and insulin.


How can I check my hormone levels at home?

By purchasing your own FDA-qualified hormonal test kits from certain health testing facilities, you can test for your hormonal levels at the comfort of your home by conveniently pricking your finger for a blood sample or saliva testing. All these test kits come with prepaid shipping labels.

Final Thoughts

My psychologist and I decided that the best course of action was to go out more with my friends. When I contacted them to invite them to go on road trips twice a month, their first question was, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

I remembered not speaking for more than five minutes to assess my feelings. When I was certain that I no longer felt anything towards Michael and his infidelity, I told my friends that I was better than ever. And that started our little tradition of escaping the city as often as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Effects Of L-Theanine

It is common for experts to suggest methods for anxiety reduction. But of course, not all the techniques can help someone, especially because individuals deal with their mental health issues differently. All can agree that whatever coping strategies that work for others might not guarantee effectiveness to all suffering from intense and severe cases of anxiety.

But despite that, some effective treatments and medications potentially stand out. Some experts suggest L-theanine or most commonly known as an amino acid found in some mushrooms, black and green tea. If ever you haven’t heard of it, this article’s frequently asked questions might help you with some of the answers.


How long will it take to feel the effects of L-Theanine? 

A study shows that moderate L-Theanine levels, perhaps about 97 mg and 40 mg, can help young individuals focus better, especially during challenging tasks. They also feel more alert and less tired, as the effects can immediately take action in less than 30 minutes.

 Does L-Theanine do anything? 

L-Theanine is beneficial for health purposes as it promotes relaxation without getting dizzy. Many people take L-Theanine because they want to relieve their stress and unwind. However, it is necessary to recognize that you need to learn more about the potential health benefits and any complications or possible risks before taking it.

 When should I take L-Theanine for sleep? 

Research shows that taking doses of 250 mg and 400 mg at night of L-theanine could be beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

The goal is to take the amino acid to have a good night’s sleep. Perhaps you can do it within a couple of minutes before finally going to sleep. Experts also suggest that you take L-Theanine along with plenty of proteins each day to balance out its beneficial nutrients.


 Is L-Theanine good for depression? 

L-theanine is clinically safe and has multiple beneficial effects on mental health problems such as anxiety, depressive symptoms, sleep disturbance, and cognitive impairments. But before taking any doses, consult your medical health provider first.

 Does L-Theanine make you happy? 

The recommended dosage of L-Theanine can make you feel emotionally and mentally calmer. It also helps in focus and improves retention. Aside from that, it also increases dopamine levels allowing you to become more energetic and happy.

 Does L-Theanine affect blood pressure? 

L-theanine significantly repressed the blood-pressure increase, especially after working on mental tasks. Meaning, you can benefit from the drug because it provides boosts during demanding activities. L-theanine improves your alertness and makes you less tired in general.

 Does L-Theanine interact with any medications? 

Unfortunately, L-Theanine might slow down the nervous system, especially if you take it along with stimulant medications such as epinephrine, phentermine, pseudoephedrine, diethylpropion, and many others.

 Can you take L-Theanine and melatonin together? 

Yes. That is because no interactions were found between melatonin and l-theanine. However, it does not entirely mean that there will never be an existing interaction because, in some cases, mixing two drugs can decrease the effectiveness of stimulant medications. It is much better always to consult your doctor or healthcare provider to understand things better.

 Can I take too much L-Theanine? 

Unfortunately, the safest L-theanine dosage recommendation isn’t known because there’s been no conclusive research about that since different people require different needs. But fortunately, there have been no records of side effects or overdose of taking L-theanine.

 Is L-Theanine an antidepressant? 

Though there are no specifics of l-theanine being an antidepressant, administrating it is safe and shows multiple beneficial effects on depressive symptoms. Research suggests that it has antidepressant effects that also help with anxiety, sleep disturbance, and some issues with cognitive impairments.

 Does L-Theanine reduce cortisol? 

Yes. L-theanine reduces stress and calms you down without impairing cognitive ability. It reduces levels of stress hormones known as cortisol and also lowers blood pressure. In a more clinical method, animal tests suggest that l-theanine turn reduces anxiety by boosting the neurotransmitter GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid).

 Does L-Theanine stop panic attacks? 

L-theanine can reduce unwanted symptoms of anxiety. It can help you feel much better while also providing dearly mental and emotional relief at times of anxiety’s crushing effects. However, it is important not to indulge in it immediately. As much as possible, it would be best to consult a medical professional or a health care provider before taking any.


 Does L-Theanine help social anxiety? 

Yes. L Theanine is a popular ingredient in Nootropics that helps with social anxiety. A significant dose of it enables your mind to calm down and provides you with enough focus and energy to go about your daily routine.

 Does L-Theanine affect serotonin? 

Even in previous historical, scientific research on its pharmacology, L-theanine is considered as a relaxing agent. That is because L-theanine increases brain dopamine, serotonin, and GABA levels. It also has micromolar affinities for Kainate, AMPA, and NMDA receptors.

 What is the difference between L-Theanine and theanine?

The L form of L-theanine is the version that is considered safe for human consumption. It is found naturally in some types of mushrooms and green tea. The term theanine refers to the commercially obtainable extraction of L-theanine.


L-theanine helps improve an individual’s attention and reaction times. But that is not all. L-Theanine provides mind and body relaxation, helps reduce high blood pressure, promotes weight loss, and improves sleep. It is also a contributing factor for increased cognitive performance, boosted immune system, and better mental focus. But you should note that despite the health benefits of L-Theanine, you should always seek professional advice before taking it. That way, you can learn its possible side effects and understand the right amount of dosage you need.

Also, you have to remember that despite L-Theanine proving many health benefits, it does not guarantee a cure for severe mental illnesses. Therefore, you need to be cautious about what you intake so that you won’t have to suffer bigger consequences i8f things didn’t turn out to be the way you expected them to be.


Frequently Asked Questions About Probiotics And Anxiety

Ever since I was a kid, I often hear adults and my parents talk about children’s vitamins and minerals. I was also told that Probiotics help. But I kept on wondering what those things are. Now that I grew up, I somehow learned some of the basics about Probiotics but still can’t manage to pay attention to its benefits. But recently, when I was diagnosed with anxiety, that is where my health doctor advised me to work on my probiotic health and boost. These are a bit confusing, I know. So let me walk you through a couple of the frequently asked questions I know.


Which probiotics are best for anxiety?

Some research shows that probiotics relieve anxiety symptoms in people under stress. It is due to the presence of Lactobacillus species that improve stress resilience. Some studies even show that it helps alleviate symptoms of depression as it boosts mood and cognitive function.


Can probiotics cause anxiety? 

Common side effects and adverse reactions of too many probiotics lead to gas, bloating, and nausea. Some studies have shown that you can get a weakened immune system or experience serious wellness issues when you take over 20 billion CFUs from probiotics per day. And that includes anxiety disorders.


 Can probiotics affect mood? 

Studies and findings confirm the probiotics’ positive effect on mood regulation. Thus, most experts suggest it be administered to improve psychological well-being through its effects on sleep quality.

The live microorganisms or Probiotics that deliver health benefits when applied or consumed to the body can be found in your favorite yogurt, dietary supplements, and other fermented foods. It can also be found in a variety of health and beauty products.

 Do probiotics increase serotonin? 

One key research highlights the possible positive effect of probiotics and prebiotics on mental health symptoms, particularly anxiety and depression, which is somewhat due to better gut health. Probiotics and prebiotics provide a considerable amount of serotonin in the body, which produced essential amino acids.


 Can an unhealthy gut cause anxiety? 

Research shows that changes in the intestine can send signals to the brain. Therefore, a person’s stomach upset can either be the cause or the product of stress, anxiety, or depression. That’s. So when there are a microbiome and inflammation in the gastrointestinal system, it can affect the brain because they are intimately connected.


 Can probiotics make you feel worse? 

The usually reported reaction to bacteria-based probiotic supplements is bloating and a temporary increase in gas. However, some patients who take probiotics can feel even worse due to immune system incompatibility. That explains why some of them experience fatigue, constipation, cramping, gassiness, and even memory problems.


 How do you know if a probiotic is working? 

You know when your high-quality probiotic supplements are working when you notice several positive changes in your body. It ranges from particular improvement in digestion, having enough or more energy, improved mood and clearer skin, and better sleep.


 Should I take probiotics orally in the morning or at night? 

Probiotics contain live microorganisms that help strengthens your digestive system’s health. While research indicates that it would be better if taken before a meal, your probiotic timing is less important than the consistency. Therefore, you should always remember to take probiotics at the same time each day.


 Can probiotics mess up your stomach? 

Probiotic supplements and foods are generally well-thought-out safe because microbes used as probiotics already exist naturally in the body. However, in some instances, these probiotic triggers allergic reactions, cause mild stomach upset, cause diarrhea or flatulence (passing gas), and even cause bloating for the first few days after a couple of intakes.


 What happens to the body when starting to take probiotics? 

Probiotics are generally well tolerated and considered safe, provided with the right amount of prescription. However, in the first few days of intake, the side effects related to digestion may occur. Some of these include gas and mild abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, and allergic reactions if there is any. But after the adjustment period, the digestion will begin improving.


 Do probiotics make you poop more? 

Probiotics can make you often poop because it promotes regular bowel movements. However, it is significantly important to understand that probiotics are not laxatives. Their purpose is not to stimulate your bowels. They exist to promote healthy bacteria in the digestive system.


 How long does it take your body to adjust to probiotics? 

It takes up to a few days to several weeks before you feel the benefits of probiotics in your body. But, if you do not notice or feel any improvements in your digestion or your digestive issues do not seem to go away, this is likely not the right product for you.

Thus, you need to be careful in choosing the right one. Always consult your doctor before using or taking any Probiotics at it may cause side effects in the long run. Though some of these are not that severe, they may still pose a great risk to your overall health.

 Can probiotics cause weight gain? 

Some probiotic strains increase the risk of weight gain. Though probiotics help promotes regular bowel movements, not all studies have found that they help with weight loss. Some studies have even linked to obesity, which requires the need to consult a medical professional first before taking large quantities of probiotics.


 Are there any side effects from taking probiotics?

Some side effects of probiotic intake include the trigger of allergic reactions. It may also cause diarrhea, mild abdominal discomfort, and bloating for the first few days. Thus, people need to be careful in using probiotic supplements or any products. In some unfortunate cases, there is a risk of infection and side effects in some people.



Be mindful that even though these Probiotics are beneficial, you still need to consult a specialist before changing anything on your routine or before taking anything inside your body. Whether you apply or intake some Probiotics, you need to learn how much is recommended for you to avoid future complications.


Saving My Mental Health From Fad Diets


I come from a long line of thick women. And when I say thick, I mean thiccc. Whenever we went shopping, we never stayed around the store’s front sections, where sizes 0 to 12 were located. Instead, we would go straight to the back where the plus-size section was. Even in middle school, I was already a size 14, while my mother and sisters ranged from sizes 16 to 18.

Given that my family members had always been thick, you would think that I was already used to it. However, I was not always at home – ever since I started going to school, I had been surrounded by average-sized kids who called me everything from “fatty” to “porky” to “beluga.” Some would go as far as yelling, “Hey, Jane! How many of our clothes do you think you would need to make one shirt?” Others would sit down and cover their heads in the hallways when I was passing – just like you would do during a drill – and someone would say, “The earth shaker is walking!” 

If you have never been the subject of much ridicule, I could tell you now how hurtful that was. Of course, I would not give those kids the satisfaction of seeing how much they affected me, so I would always act like I did not see or hear anything. But once I closed the door of a bathroom stall, the waterworks would start. Throughout middle school, I could only count the number of times when I did not cry once a day. 


The turning point in my life was when I became a junior in high school, and it was time for the prom. Many girls in my class had already been asked out by senior guys on the first week of its announcement, but I still hoped that someone – anyone – would take a glimpse of me and think, “Hmm, I should ask Jane to go to the prom with me.” And so I waited. And waited.

On the prom day, the teachers gave us half the day off to prepare for the event. I thought of sticking around the school a little bit, still hoping to get asked out. When I went into the bathroom to pee, I heard a couple of girls from another class talking about me. 

One of them said, “Poor Jane. No one wanted to take her to prom.”

Her friend replied, “Who would want to bring a bus to the prom?”

As both of them laughed, I cried in the cubicle silently. 


Paying Attention To Fad Diets

I went home that day, unable to hide my tears from my mother. When she found out what happened, she wanted to go to school and hunt all the bullied. I tried to tell her not to bother because everyone was a suspect, but I just uttered, “Please help me lose weight instead, Mom.”

Out of pity for her youngest daughter, Mom let me look for a diet program and promised to cook whatever it asked for.

The first thing I tried was the four-phased Dukan diet, which became popular in 2013. According to a book about it, it was “in” among the French people. So, I followed the rule of eating only protein in the first week, protein and vegetables in the second week, fruits and bread in the third week, and anything except for too many carbohydrates in the fourth week. But this diet did not work because of the high level of imbalance among the food groups.


I also tried a gluten-free diet, even though I did not have Celiac disease or any condition that required me to get rid of gluten in my life. Mom began baking bread and pastries using different flour types to support my weight-loss goal, but my efforts were still futile as it made me crave other junk foods.

During the summer, I jumped into the liquid diet. I genuinely thought it would work better than the others because I would not eat solid foods for an entire week. Unfortunately, two days into the program, and my body could not take it anymore. My mother had to bring me to the doctor, who scolded us for letting me follow a fad diet.

Saving Myself From Fad Diets

I fell asleep as soon as we got home from the doctor that day. When I woke up the next day, I was surprised to see my entire family around the breakfast table, waiting for me. It turned out that they wanted to stage an intervention for me.


No one blamed me for wanting to lose weight, but they said that it was time for me to embrace my plus-size body. My eyes got misty when Dad said, “So what if those guys cannot appreciate you now? Those are mere boys – you will find a real man when you are older, and he will love everything about you.”

Ever since then, I stopped looking for fad diets to try. I eventually hit the gym and lost ten pounds of fat, but I was still and forever will have a thick, curvy body. And I am more than okay with it.

Incorporating Herbs And Spices Into Your Family Dinners



A few years back, I, too, was among those who hated to eat food that had a smell of spice or herb into it. I just thought that it was destroying the natural flavor of my diet. But when a friend introduced me to this wonderful blend of scents and flavors from the spices that she was incorporating into the food she prepares for her family, I began to love everything about them. And that was when I was determined to make it a habit of teaching my husband and children about the many benefits of herbs and spices to our minds and bodies.

I started opening this up to them by telling them about a certain study that I read. It said that consuming foods that are rich in spices and herbs decreases the tendency of the body to respond to foods that are high in fat content. In that particular study, the experimental group that ate food with a few tablespoons of herbs and spices – including oregano, turmeric, rosemary, black pepper, paprika, and garlic powder – has at least a 30% of reduction in fat content levels in their blood compared to those who had the same meals without the herbs and spices. It also revealed a 13%-increase in their antioxidant levels in their blood, which showed a tremendously positive effect considering the relatively small addition to the meals.

While I was telling them this, I, myself, was amazed by the information I was reading out loud. My husband was almost convinced right then and there that we should try doing this in our meals. I further read to them that herbs and spices are what they often call antioxidant powerhouses. Would you believe me when I say that just a teaspoon of cinnamon powder can equal the number of antioxidants that are found in one-half cup of blueberries? Or that a tablespoon of oregano contains the same number of antioxidants as a cup of sweet potatoes? That is astounding, considering that you only need to mix it into your daily meals and don’t have much trouble in doing so! Plus, they add taste, aroma, and color to every dish that you make for your family.



From then on, I did just that. I add a dash of white pepper to our morning eggs or a teaspoon of cinnamon to the kids’ cereals. I add them to just about anything that I cook. Here are some of the herbs and spices and some ways that you can use them for.

Allspice. Allspice can be bought ground or whole, although you will often find it in stores packed ground. Like cinnamon and nutmeg, it can be mixed with sweet or savory meals. It can do wonders when you mix it with a beef recipe, like stew or steak. And mind you, it is also great with fruit puddings, just as I did when I made apple muffins. This spice is quite strong compared to the others, so you might want to start with a dash first, and then get a taste of what you’re cooking so you’ll know how much more you’ll need.

Basil. I so loooove basil! I use it in almost all my pasta recipes, and my kids have learned to love its taste and smell as well. I usually use the dried basil, as it is a lot cheaper than the fresh ones. I’m now trying to grow them in my garden with the hopes that I will be the green thumb that I’ve always dreamed of and so I can use as much basil as I want. I’ll know for sure in the weeks to come. Anyway, basil is great with cheeses and tomatoes. It is a popular ingredient that is used in pesto, which is a staple in Asian and Mediterranean recipes. My family loves it when I add a lot of basil in my baked pork ribs, especially when it’s basted with extra (and extra) butter.

Cardamom. This herb has a strong spicy yet sweet flavor. It’s very aromatic, and those who love it, including me, agree that simply smelling cardamom feels like eating a bowl of your familiar comfort food. Unfortunately, my children don’t like it as much as I do, so I limit my use of it, as it can come really strong when it’s mixed with the simplest kinds of food. Cardamom is an Indian staple and is used in curries, baked goods, and even in tea. An Indian friend of mine prepared kheer for me. It is an Indian rice pudding, and it was the most delicious rice pudding I’ve ever tasted.



Peppers. Red, black, and white pepper, I believe, are something that our family cannot live without. They are in almost everything that we eat – from meals to snacks and even down to the shakes and teas that we have. Peppers are the most commonly used spices in the world because they are full of flavor and add fragrance and beauty to every recipe. My pork, chicken, beef, and fish recipes are all loaded with black peppercorns that not only increase our appetite but also boost our immune system. Our soups are not complete without a few dashes of white pepper to add a kick to the flavors. They are just among the things that I must have in the kitchen.

How about you? Do you love herbs and spices? Do you have a great herb and spice story? Why don’t you share it with us?

Multivitamins To Prevent Coronavirus

There have been concerns about staying healthy with so many people choosing to stay home during this Coronavirus crisis. Individuals are now moving less because there is not much physical activity available at home compared to daily school and work routines. Some do not go to the gym, and may not be keeping up with healthy habits due to stress and anxiety. With all these pandemic factors, how can supplements help individuals? Let us try and understand how multivitamins work.


Vitamins And Its Function

What people want to do right now is to keep their health intact. It is essential to give it all the nutrients it needs to optimally boost the function of the immune system. With that, it is essential to start eating a wide variety of produce instead of processed ones because they have nutrients and minerals and abundant carbohydrates that help balance the immune system. But what about multivitamins?

Multivitamins or supplement is a tricky thing to address sometimes. Vitamins are compounds people need to ingest to promote overall health. It is the body’s defender and builder that properly make use of nutrients for energy and brain development. Some, like many of them, the best vitamin is vitamin C. It helps in building collagen that helps promote healthy teeth and bones. It also helps in fighting infectious diseases.


Are Multivitamins Good For You?

Most of the time, it is entirely an individual’s choice to take it or not because many things need considerations. These include a person’s medical problems and its history. And even the medical prescriptions one is already taking can entirely play a role. However, in general, if a person believes he needs to take some multivitamins or want to try something for their health without even consulting a medical expert, that is okay.

A multivitamin once a day is not going to cause harm nor put someone’s life in danger. Multivitamins, however, are not regulated by the government. Therefore, an individual should require additional information on what types or brands to take in particular. And if a person is not sure about what to choose, that is the time they might want to consult with a physician.


There are tons of multivitamins to choose from to help boost the body’s immune system. The reason to take multivitamins is to prevent vitamin deficiencies. However, taking supplements when the body doesn’t entirely need it can somehow cause a significant problem. That is because multivitamins contain more than the recommended dietary allowance (RDA). There is only a maximum amount of nutrients that the body can take. Therefore, taking too many supplements can damage the immune systems estimated nutrient requirements, making it weak instead of becoming healthy.

Again, since there are different types of multivitamins that contain more than the required RDA, it doesn’t guarantee a health upgrade. Individuals regularly taking supplements might be digesting and absorbing it all. Thus, it leads to the problem of the body taking megadoses of vitamins, which eventually causes internal toxicity and other health complications.


So even though the body needs multivitamins to survive, taking it frequently doesn’t guarantee the best results. Therefore, there is no need to overload the body because it is generally well-stocked with enough nutrients from the food we eat. It is essential to note that supplements may boost the immune system, but it doesn’t replace the nutrients one can get from eating a healthy and balanced diet. In some unfortunate instances, it can even be harmful when an individual overdo it. Therefore, the key to keeping one’s health is not only dependent on supplements alone.

Importance Of Taking Supplements In This Pandemic Situation

Aside from disinfection and social distancing, one of the best measures you have to do is secure your health. You need to be physically, emotionally, and mentally fit to have a chance to stand the test of the COVID-19 virus. Let’s say you get all the right amount of sleep and allow yourself to get hydrated. Do you think that’s enough? Of course, not. Even if you feed your body fruits and vegetables every meal and exercise regularly, it is not enough. No matter how healthy you think your lifestyle is, there is no assurance that you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need every day. That is why it is essential to take supplements, especially now that there’s the necessity of requiring you to be healthy.


Why Should You Take Nutritional Supplements?

To Fill Nutritional Gap – With all the things that keep you busy every day, you do not get a chance to complete a healthy routine. And no matter how much you try and fit everything in your plan, poor appetite can have a massive effect. Supplements intend to bridge the nutritional gap since your food consumption needs are changing continuously. Taking a prescribed amount will help you maintain a proper balance of vitamins and minerals. Food supplementation enhances your daily dose of nutritional density and allows you to get all the benefits you should from your dietary needs.

To Avoid Harmful Chemicals – Coronavirus is a deadly disease that weakens the immune system. So imagine if your body contains a lot of harmful chemicals in it. Yes, it allows the virus to penetrate deeply within each cell because the immune system is incapable of protecting itself from the damage. But with supplements, you can have a chance to fight those harmful radicals. It contains antioxidants that increase the immune system’s need for extra vitamins and minerals.


To Deal With Poor Eating Habits – Disclaimer: Nutritional supplements are not health medicines that fight diseases. However, these can help prevent the damage of an individual’s poor eating habits are causing to the body. With all the excessive and erratic eating of unhealthy food, supplements contribute an internal change in the extraction of nutrients from what people are supposed to eat. No, supplementation cannot substitute a poor and unhealthy diet. However, it can help in eliminating unwanted substances in the body to process better digestion.

To Support Nutrient-Needs For Exercising – We all know that exercising is one of the best ways to keep our systems healthy. However, working out requires a lot of energy. And as you exercise, the body is taking too much of it. No, replenishing it with water is not enough because it only supplies they need for dehydration. To fuel up your energy levels, you need to get a proper amount of vitamins and minerals to take care of the ones you lose during an intense workout. Honestly, there are lots of exercise supplements that you can choose depending on your preference. Just do not forget to take the right amount.


To Prevent Health Issues – The primary reason why you should take supplements is to avoid unnecessary health issues. You might not notice it, but the more you age, the lesser absorption you get from the food you eat. That is because the digestive enzymes that break down food in the body decline over time. Meaning, your body will soon reach its limit in nutrient absorption. Therefore, you can only expect it to gather not-so-enough nutrients to keep you going. In some unfortunate situations, you might also suffer nutritional deficiencies due to medications. Though taking supplements will not stop the digestive depletion, at least it can restore the imbalance of vitamin and mineral distribution.

Advantages Of Giving Probiotics To Your Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy is a gift that every married couple out there is fortunate to experience. Why it means that you created a precious little being that you’ll be able to love more than anyone in the world! Not to mention, your baby has as much of a chance as anyone to become a famed doctor, a music mogul, or even the President of the United States in their later years.




As easy as it is to muse about your unborn child’s future, though, you cannot forget your duty to look after your wife’s well-being. You helped to create your offspring, no doubt, but she will carry the baby for nine months, not you. Hence, it will be sweet of you to ensure that your better half takes all the supplements necessary to strengthen both her body and the baby.

Nonetheless, from those complementary drugs that your spouse should have in the medicine cabinet, probiotics may be among the essential products.


Live Active Culture Can Improve Digestive Health

Probiotics are generally known for doing great things to a person’s digestive tract. More than anyone, a pregnant woman needs that kind of help because of the increase of progesterone in her system can mess up with her gastrointestinal health. Thus, she may experience constipation, infected diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, et cetera.




What the supplement will do is carry live active culture down to the user’s gut. From there, they can propagate and get rid of harmful organisms that might have inhabited it.


Good Bacteria May Lower Risks Of Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a severe health condition that puts both the mother and the unborn child’s lives in danger. It usually occurs when blood does not circulate well through the uterus, the woman has excessive weight, or hypertension is a preexisting illness. Once it strikes, the expectant mom may feel a terrible headache, abdominal pain, nausea, and alarmingly fast weight gain.

The thing is, there are investigations which state that milk-based probiotics can reduce a pregnant lady’s chances of getting preeclampsia. Doing so on a weekly or everyday basis may lower the risk by 25% or 39%, respectively. Those numbers are far from being negligible; that’s why giving good bacteria to your wife may be worth a shot.




Probiotics Make Breastmilk Healthier

Continuous consumption of live active culture even during the final days of pregnancy allows the probiotics to mix with the mother’s breastmilk. That is something you ought to be grateful for since the child will be able to consume the benefits of good bacteria without taking supplements.

In fact, a study regarding the matter reveals that probiotics may protect a baby from eczema or atopic dermatitis. It is asignificant advancement because seeing your infant child deal with the itchiness that the disease brings is purely heartbreaking. With this possibility, though, you may try to help your son or daughter deflect the problem.


One more thing to take note of is that probiotics do not merely come in pills. If your wife cannot stomach that during the first trimester, you may give her yogurt, kefir, or any fermented vegetable she may like. Then, you may switch to capsules once the morning sickness goes away so that the mommy-to-be gets a better dose of good bacteria before your offspring arrives.


How To Give The Best Supplements To Your Loved Ones




Being a mother and a wife is perhaps the most fulfilling role any woman can ever want. Each member of your family gives you a reason to not give up on life. Even when the kids grow up and move out, you know that your husband will still be there to keep you happy and balanced.

Alternatively, having those titles also means that you have to deal with all their wants and won’t. The typical examples of the latter include “I won’t take that supplement” and “I won’t swallow this pill.” You’re lucky if only the children act like that towards drugs that are good for them; sometimes an adult such as your husband may despise them as well.

Thus, how can you give the best supplements to your loved ones without hearing another complaint about it?


Figure Out The Vitamins And Minerals Your Family Members Should Get

Although you all live under the same roof, your diet and lifestyle may be different from each other. That is precisely true when you and your spouse have separate careers, and the children are either busy with extracurricular stuff or old enough to prepare their meals. For this reason, the additional nutrients you have to provide vary per person.

To know what those vitamins and minerals must be, the entire family can ask for a blood test. The result of that can give you an idea of what nutrients every member of your brood has to go easy with or build up.




See What Forms Of Supplements Work For Them

The size of capsules, tablets, or caplets usually intimidate children and adults alike, so you might try dissolving a pill in water before giving it to them. However, that trick isn’t flawless since those caps are often – but not always – dissolvable with the hydrochloric acid that your stomach produces. In response, your loved ones may not even want to open their mouths if they can still see the product.

It will help you to remember at this point that medicine does not only come in such forms. Manufacturers are perhaps aware of people’s hesitance to swallow tablets and capsules; that’s why supplements are currently available in gummy, chewable, and liquid forms too. They mostly taste better than conventional products; hence, your loved ones may accept them without another word of protest.




Consult A Doctor Before Administering Any Supplement

Assuming you are not a healthcare specialist, you cannot trust a particular brand off of face value or price range. There are supplements in pretty packaging, after all, that may not be effective even though you paid hundreds of dollars for it. You might encounter products with exotic ingredients as well that might work against a family member’s medication. It remains smart, nonetheless, to call a trusted physician regarding the complementary drugs you have in mind.

When your loved ones carry a preconceived idea of how awful supplements taste like or work in general, it is possible for them to cringe even before seeing them. Despite that, the benefits they come with are too many to take for granted. Hence, you should never give up until your entire family consumes the additional nutrient sources that they need.

Good luck!