How To Do A Wheatgrass Enema and Implant

by Dean


As mentioned in our other articles drinking large quantities can cause nausea but large quantities are needed for therapeutic results. In addition, largest intestine was not designed to handle the Standard American Diet (SAD) of processed foods and fiberless products. Over a period of years, layers of paste build up on the colon walls, shrinking the tunnel diameter and reducing the body’s efficiency of elimination. This is one of the causes of toxemia from which numerous aliments develop.

Wheatgrass enemas and colonics help to reduce the accumulation of waste in the body and restore normal colon function. Wheatgrass enemas help heal ulcers, soothe the tissues, oppose bad bacteria, and nourish the bloodstream. Wheatgrass enema nutrients are absorbed by the hemorrhoidal vein, just inside the anal sphincter, then circulate to the liver where they increase peristaltic action of the colon, and attract waste and old fecal matter like a magnet to be eliminated from the body. The wheatgrass juice also tones the colon and is absorbed into the blood, adding oxygen and energy to the body.

The three primary benefits of of wheatgrass enemas and implants are to purge the liver, purify the bloodsteam and detoxify the colon. Coffee enemas in comparison are used to stimulate the liver.

In a two quart enema bag, only add one oz of wheatgrass. Always use pure fresh water for your enemas. Once the colon is clear from one or more enemas, gradually increase your dose of wheatgrass and hold it for for ten to thirty minutes or longer. When the wheatgrass is held in the colon, this is referred to as a wheatgrass implant. You eventually want to hold the 10-20 oz of wheatgrass in your colon, the therapeutic dosage required.

The standard approach to a wheatgrass implant is to use a bulb syringe that can be purchased at a drug store. You can click here to see and buy a 2 oz bulb syringe. Prepare the colon by cleaning it with fresh water or use wheatgrass enemas to clear the intestine. A cleared colon is free of solid material in the waste stream and ideally, light in color. Take a break to juice your wheatgrass so it is fresh for the implant. Pout it into a cup. Take a 2-4 oz bulb syringe, squeeze out all the air and suck up the wheatgrass juice. Rest for several minutes until you feel you are ready to take more. Retention is more important than volume.

Some people can hold their wheatgrass implants for hours. The longer the better. Small amounts may be absorbed by the body. Daily application and gradual increases are key. As you do more and more wheatgrass enemas and implants you will develop the skills you need. The benefits of wheatgrass enemas and implants are well worth the trouble.

Colon hydrotherapy is another great option. They’re easier faster and more thorough, but you will have to arrange the details with your colon hypdrotherapist beforehand. You can also do a set of colon hydro therapies before your wheatgrass enema and implants to clean your colon first.

Some of the information in this article was borrowed from Steve Meyerowiz’s book: Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine: The Complete Guide to Using Grasses to Revitalize Your Health

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