Wheatgrass – Wheatgrass Information and Tips


There is a lot of wheatgrass information now more than ever. Scientist are discovering more and more about what wheatgrass can do for the human body;


Here are just of few things that wheatgrass can do;


Wheatgrass contains every amino acid, vitamin and mineral necessary for human nutrition, making it one of the few actual “whole foods.” It can prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease and other disease. It’s best known for its healing abilities inside and out of the body.


Many people have restored their health and many have improved their life just by adding wheatgrass to their daily diet. Wheatgrass promotes general well-being, mainly because it gives your body what it needs.


Wheatgrass Stats:



Note: All the stats are based on wheatgrass which has been grown on organic soil which has not been depleted of minerals.


Kilo for kilo, it has more vitamin C than oranges and twice the vitamin A of carrots.

Wheatgrass improves the bodies’ ability to produce more red blood cells

Wheatgrass contains live enzymes which help aid in digestion and constipation.

Wheatgrass has “abscisic acid” a plant hormone which is known for its anti-tumor properties.

Wheatgrass juice gives us the vitamins, minerals and enzymes we need.

Wheatgrass juice is simply one of the healthiest juices you can put in your body. There are far too many benefits to mention. You need to experience them for yourself.


Wheatgrass juice can be purchased at some local health food stores, but not all of them will carry it. This can make it hard for you to get your daily dose of wheatgrass juice. The alternative to buying wheatgrass is harvesting it yourself.


You can buy wheatgrass kits online, which are very easy to assemble and are cost effective. Many people are already doing it, and it is by far the best choice they ever made.


Harvesting your own wheatgrass isn’t all that hard but there are some Pros, and Cons to consider before you decide too;


Cons of growing your own wheat grass:


It may require some skill (basic skill)

The wheatgrass is prone to molds if you don’t properly prepare

Space & Set up can be limited where you live

A juicer is required or a manual juicer (this can get pricey)

Wheatgrass seeds may be hard to find locally


Pros of growing your own wheat grass:


There are no limits on how much wheatgrass you want to harvest

Growing your own becomes very cost effective

There are many health benefits to consuming wheatgrass

You can order wheatgrass seeds over the internet if you cant find them locally

You can have a shot of wheatgrass anytime