The 2015 Bellevue Wellness Conference

The 2015 Bellevue wellness conference taught me a lot of lessons, not only on how to properly take good care of my body but on how to connect with other people to help them in their mental health issues. One of the special moments that I can remember from the said event is meeting a psychology professor who reminded me of the necessity to prioritize myself before I can offer help to others who are in need.



In my short conversation with the said individual, I already learned many lessons that I can surely use in life. Now that I have an opportunity to write about it, I want to share the proper ways on how you can prioritize wellness this year so that you can improve your self as well as enable yourself to be of service to everyone around you:


  1. Get enough sleep every night. Take note that lack of sleep can make you cranky, which will eventually put you in a negative magnet the following day.
  2. Avoid drugs and alcohol because these can take a toll in your life. The adverse effects can last a lifetime.
  3. Go to the gym on a regular basis. If you are too busy to do it, then commit to completing home exercises.
  4. Read the labels for all your food choices. Check the ingredients so that you will know which ones to avoid.
  5. Connect with the right people. Remember that establishing a connection is essential for your wellness.
  6. As much as possible, refrain yourself from getting mad easily because it can increase your stress levels.

The tips mentioned above can help you in your journey to self-improvement and changing the lives of the people around you. Make sure to follow them all so that you can accomplish all your goals.