Go Or Not To Go Organic?

Many are going gaga over the organic food fever as evidenced by its rapidly and continuously rising popularity and sales.

Almost all supermarkets and even online grocery delivery sites have their Organic food sections.   During our days, there was no such thing as organic and non-organic food.  All are the same.  They are the same fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, and fish as what we regularly buy.  But with the increasing presence of organic labels on the shelves, will you go with the flow?  What benefit would I get from going organic?  Is it even worth my money?

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Supplements That Should Be Taken Under Medical Supervision

Source: dicasdieta.com


When it comes to nutrition, the general view is that “more is better”, but this is not always true. Certainly, consuming too little of any of the chemicals vital to our tissues’ and organs’ proper functioning will lead to bad things. But, beyond a certain minimum point, there are few additional benefits in taking supplements. However, over and above that point can be harmful.

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