Weight Loss And Therapy 101

Many people have dedicated their time and efforts into losing weight. These are the individuals who are careful about what they eat as well as what they do with their bodies. As such, you can see most of them living a vegan lifestyle or going to the gym regularly. Weight loss is a great objective for any person, especially when everyone is supposed to fit and healthy. However, too much obsession with this thing can lead to mental health problems that may require the assistance or support of professionals who are skilled in the field of therapy and counseling.


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As early as now, we want to emphasize the fact that people go on a diet for several reasons. There are those who do it so that they can feel good about their body because they have been bullied for a long time or simply due to their low self-esteem. It proves what counselor Monte Drenner use to say, “People who have difficulty saying no are often people pleasers and are trying to make too many people happy,” says Drenner. “Over time they become over-extended and exhausted and their self-esteem is eroded, because no matter how hard they try to please others, they can never do enough.”

On the other hand, some people also do it for the sole purpose of finding their true love. Whatever your reason is, it is crucial for you to understand the reality that there are proper ways on how you can take shed of some fats without the need to starve yourself. Remember that obsession with such goal may give rise to eating disorders, which will eventually affect both your physical and mental health.

In this article, we are going to focus on the different ways on how people can lose weight as well as the role that therapy plays in this matter. Here are some of the things that you have to understand before you commit yourself into a weight loss journey:


Skipping Meals Is Never Healthy

As already mentioned above, not eating on time or skipping your meals may give rise to eating disorders. You may be surprised that a doctor will diagnose you for bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa. When this happens, it will be the start of your difficult days. No matter how much you try to control the disorder, it will be a struggle for you. The truth is it can even make your situation worse. Because of this, it is ideal always to choose to eat on time. What is important is to be mindful of your food intake and avoid those that lack sufficient nutrients or vitamins. Note that you have to “Eat a healthful diet, that is low in fat, high in fiber, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Specific dietary factors that may be beneficial in depression are the B-complex vitamins (found in whole grains) and omega-3 fatty acids (found in cold-water fish, fish oil, and flax seeds).” says ADAA member Stephanie Kriesberg, PsyD


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Exercising Continuously Is The Key

If you want to have a long-lasting and happy life, it is highly recommended for you to be physically active. As much as possible, make an effort to wake up early in the morning so that you can have sufficient time to do your daily jogs or brisk walks. If morning is not a good time for you, then you can always do great exercises at the gym or watch home fitness videos that you can execute at home. Take note that it is crucial for you to identify if you have already overworked yourself so that you will not end up engaging in physical activities when you are too exhausted. Dr. Clare Safran-Norton, a physical therapist said that exercise has “The benefits carry over to balance, walking, standing, endurance, and stair climbing.”


You May Need A Professional

Some people lose weight without the assistance of professionals because they love doing things on their own. However, there are also some individuals who prefer to seek professional help to get what they want. If you belong to the other set or group, then do not fret because it is normal to wish for a piece of expert advice in your struggles. For losing weight, it is best if you have a personal trainer who can focus on your fitness journey. Eventually, this individual can help you become a better trainer than others. If you are having some mental health issues, you may also consider seeking therapy from experts.


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 Therapy Can Be The Answer

Do you feel sad or embarrassed because you have not lost weight despite your efforts? Does it bother you to know that other people have already gone thin even if they only started their diet late? Remember that all these thoughts and emotions can only increase the stress that you feel, which is why it is sometimes necessary to find a therapist whom you can open up to anything. This professional can also allow you to process and understand yourself even more.

Weight loss is a journey that you have to take slowly. Do not rush the entire process so that you can enjoy every step of the way.